Devlog #4: Game Mechanics and Decision Making

At the core of the art of video game is the concept of decision making. A video game uses a computer to react to a human decision, presenting the human with information in correspondence to the decision made. The decision is first imagined in the player's mind and then enacted via input into the computer. The idea of game mechanics is a useful connection that helps organize and structure a video game's development and design. However, the old associations of what a game is are no longer important - we now focus on mechanics in general being a repeated system of delivering decision making opportunities to the player as a means of communicating ideas, emotions,  and human experience. We do not have to include jump, shoot, score or competition to create a video game, but we also cannot neglect the importance of deep interactive mechanics. In other words, it is not enough to create a walking simulator or interactive movie.

-Naughty P

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