Controversial Subject Matter: How to Decide

Naughty P is a rap culture parody game mixed with elements of horror.

One of the issues with this topic is that it is full of controversial subject matter.

Rap culture is notoriously filled with drug abuse, sexual objectification, and violence...

Horror is notoriously filled with topics of death, suicide, and mental illness.

These are all subjects that can often be considered offensive and disrespectful if handled incorrectly... especially in the culture of video games.

I have spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of including certain things in this game: nudity and suicide have been the biggest concerns.

What I have decided to do about nudity is to censor it.

Suicide I have decided to handle by giving the player the option to kill his avatar, but by not actually showing it.

Hopefully these decisions will go over well with most players... I would love to hear feedback on what YOU would do in your game.

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