Down Scoping like it's Nobody's Business

The ability to make quick decisions about reducing complexity for the sake of finishing the product is important when making games. With Naughty P: Xanax for Breakfast, I have been cutting out features on a weekly basis and trying to do more with less. I think that I am most proud of how much I was able to down scope the product without compromising my vision for its quality.

My goal is to release a follow up episode to Xanax for Breakfast by May 2018. Now that I have built out a lot of the core game systems, I should be able to make another episode rather quick - and I will definitely make the second episode shorter.

I have not had a whole lot of time to market the game, but once I have finished development on Xanax for Breakfast, I will definitely take a couple weeks to put together marketing materials so that it at least has some decently online accessibility.

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