F--k Voice Acting

I cut voice acting from naughty p because I also cut facial animation and it seemed like without those two together either of them individually isn't particularly useful. If I plan on making several sequels to naughty p Xanax for breakfast, it is best that I lower the amount of custom work that I need to do as much as possible so that I can continue to churn them out. Just using text to describe characters is actually quite liberating, and also it is a rap character, I can still explore the personality side of naughty p's voice in other forms of media like videos and songs. At its core naughty p is a multi media experience. Video, Music, and game. I think in this way the user is able to immerse into the world of naughty p in many ways, whether it is blasting a naughty p song in the car or playing the game with some friends.

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