Interactive Machinery

I decided that a game should have constant interaction and or decision making, and the complexity of the decision making can vary and create a dynamic in the game. Perhaps there is some simple interaction/decision making for some parts, and then more complex or interesting decision making for other parts. The goal is to have some interactive complexity at certain parts of the game in order to keep the user interested. I call this the interactive machinery of the game. These are interactive modes or systems in the game that are used to create complex or detailed interaction sequences for the user. You wait until the very end of building the skeleton of the interactivity to sprinkle on the story and content. Once you build out the juicy chunks of interactive machinery, then you go in and add the flavor, the content, the sound, the imagery, the writing, the animation. Thinking of new and exciting ways to incorporate interactivity into story telling is the mission, and it is always going to require hard work to make interactivity gel with a story, but with discipline it can be done.

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