Los Angeles - Leaving Old Ideas Behind

Naughty P The Game is not an idea that I have had for a long time, nor was it one of my dream projects. It was intended to be an off the cuff quick side project which grew into something bigger. As it began to take shape, I started channeling more and more of my experience from living in LA into the game. In fact, the game is almost entirely based on LA experiences, in particular the negative ones. There are many things about the game that are references to LA culture or geography. But overall, the game is fueled by a sense of dread and despair which fills many of the people who arrive in LA for the first time trying to make a life for themselves. It is pure chaos full of good and evil around every corner. Looking back on the project now, I am glad that I was able to tackle the subject of the psychological effect of living in Los Angeles. By far and large, this effect is anxiety. I feel that I capture a screen shot of what it is to be in this city while going insane. I fill the game's content with real experiences and characters of people that inhabit the city. All of this through a sort of impressionistic, subjective filter, of course.

In narrative games there is an unlimited world of possibility - but you must curtail the options of what someone can do down to a narrow selection in order to make a great game. You are building a cage in which the player is excited to exist, using mental trickery to continue to afford the illusion of choice, to suspend their disbelief. You build systems that attempt to make the cage disappear before your eyes.

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