Thematic Fraud

There is an under current in NPXFB. By this I mean there is a sort of dissonance between what the game purports itself to be and what it actually is. On the surface, NPXFB markets itself as a rap culture horror comedy game, something for mass market appeal. Once you start playing, you might notice it feels like something else entirely. This is not on accident. It could not have been any other way. Sometimes we have to peel ourselves away in layers because we are afraid to expose ourselves all at once. We are afraid to be over exposed. That is why we come up with costumes, disguises, and masks. That is why we hide behind irony.

But as Gary Vaynerchuk says, attention is the currency of the internet. Thus censorship no longer comes from some direct form of totalitarian ideology, but rather a self imposed need to be noticed, from capitalism itself. Sometimes you just have to build a product that hits enough highly ranked hash tags if you want to actually have freedom as an artist in the 21st century. Only if you play by the rules of capitalism can you win in this age. Once you learn to play - only then can you truly break free.

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